Pokémon Uranium
A Pokemon fangame made in RMXP by ~JV~ (scripting, maps, music) and Twitch (sprites, dialogues, fakemon).
Set in the Tandor region, the heroes Vitor and Natalie must collect 8 gym badges to compete in the Regional Tournament. But danger lurks on the horizon, with a man-made disaster and sinister, corrupted Pokemon threatening to destroy the natural ecosystem. How will you fight to save the region?
Current demo: v3.1.1
Download below!
Are you guys working on a Mac-friendly version?

Yeah, we are. Though you can get the game to run as-is on Mac using a program called Wine, there might be unexpected errors/crashing so we are working on a version that runs smoothly on Mac without errors. Don’t ask us when it will be done, though; I couldn’t tell you.


October 8, 2014

Pokemon Uranium Sprite stream

I (Oripoke) am making some backsprites and stuff. Tune in if you want to watch!

Uranium now allows you to have multiple save files!

Well, you technically could have them before too, but this way it’s built into the game itself. Of course, there are some limitations in the online department: every person can only have 1 virtual trainer card and 1 Pokemon on the GTS across all save files. Still, this opens up the option for challenge runs and other exciting things! It can handle as many adventures as you want (not an infinite amount, but up to 50-60 which is a lot).

September 25, 2014

#119 Nucleon - Nuclear type

One of the only non-feral Nuclear Pokemon. It’s theorized that its bond with its trainer when it was an Eevee allows it to stay in control.

Evolves from Eevee when leveling up after defeating a Nuclear-type foe.

There are only a few (actually 3) Nuclear-types in Pokemon Uranium which aren’t ordinary Pokemon that have been corrupted. Nucleon is the only new Eeveelution we are introducing. Its radioactive powers are destructive in battle, but because of its unstable nature, it falls quickly since Nuclear type is weak to every other element.

[Pokemon Uranium]

September 21, 2014
is that daft punk as pokemon


ha ha, what do you mean, we’d never make a fakemon design that was a blatant ripoff of another character. Praseopunk and Neopunk are just coincidentally Daft Punk-shaped, and their signature moves happen to be called Instant Crush and Get Lucky, purely by chance of course.

A whole bunch of new-ish fakemon. Click on them for names and types!

Slowly but surely making progress on the beta, still a ways to go yet though.

August 27, 2014

#012 Owten - The Observer Pokémon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Serene Grace
Dex: OWTEN are mainly seen at night, when they are looking for berries and other individuals of its species.

Evolves into Eshouten at Lv. 21

#013 Eshouten - The Observer Pokémon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Serene Grace
Dex: ESHOUTEN are shy and elusive, found only at night around mountains. Their incredible eyesight allows them to see clearly up to a mile away.

August 5, 2014


Video of my Pokemon Uranium Launcher :3

May update the music for the launcher later to something thats not from Pokemon Uranium but still sorta fits with the game and yea the launcher will tell you when an update is out! :$

This is fantastic, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now! We’d love it if we could incorporate something like this into the final release of the game.

I’d like to get in touch with you about how you made this, so that we can make improvements and get it bundled in with the game download. If you could make a post about this on the Forums that would be great — and I bet the other members would appreciate this too!

August 3, 2014
July 27, 2014

#009 Mankey - The Pig Monkey Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Vital Spirit / Anger Point
Dex: When it starts shaking and its nasal breathing turns rough, it’s a sure sign of anger. However, since this happens instantly, there is no time to flee.

Evolves into Primeape at Lv. 28

#010 Primeape - The Pig Monkey Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Vital Spirit / Anger Point
Dex: When it becomes furious, its blood circulation becomes more robust, and its muscles are made stronger. But it also becomes much less intelligent.

Evolves into Empirilla when leveled up holding the Jungle Crown

#011 Empirilla - The Pig King Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Infuriate (Raises Attack when hit by a physical move)
Dex: When PRIMEAPE beats it’s rivals, it wins the right to wear the Jungle Crown, evolving it to the noble EMPIRILLA, much stronger and more intelligent.

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