Pokemon Uranium
A Pokemon fangame made in RMXP by ~JV~ (scripting, maps, music) and Twitch (sprites, dialogues, fakemon).

Set in the Tandor region, the heroes Vitor and Natalie must collect 8 gym badges to compete in the Regional Tournament. But danger lurks on the horizon, with a man-made disaster and sinister, corrupted Pokemon threatening to destroy the natural ecosystem. How will you fight to save the region?

Current demo: v3.1.1
Download below!

#009 Mankey - The Pig Monkey Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Vital Spirit / Anger Point
Dex: When it starts shaking and its nasal breathing turns rough, it’s a sure sign of anger. However, since this happens instantly, there is no time to flee.

Evolves into Primeape at Lv. 28

#010 Primeape - The Pig Monkey Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Vital Spirit / Anger Point
Dex: When it becomes furious, its blood circulation becomes more robust, and its muscles are made stronger. But it also becomes much less intelligent.

Evolves into Empirilla when leveled up holding the Jungle Crown

#011 Empirilla - The Pig King Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Infuriate (Raises Attack when hit by a physical move)
Dex: When PRIMEAPE beats it’s rivals, it wins the right to wear the Jungle Crown, evolving it to the noble EMPIRILLA, much stronger and more intelligent.

#007 Chyinmunk - The Chipmunk Pokémon
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away
Dex: The length of a CHYINMUNK’s stripes determines its authority in a group.

#008 Kinetmunk - The Chipmunk Pokémon
Type: Normal/Electric
Ability: Run Away
Dex: KINETMUNK dig intricate tunnels that can stretch for miles underground.

Can you obtain Gliscor in this beta or at all ?

It’s good that you asked that, because I just checked and we don’t have the Razor Fang available in 3.1. We’ll make sure to add that in the next beta, probably somewhere in the Baykal Rainforest and also as a reward in the Casino.

You can get halfway to Gliscor by capturing a Gliggler in Rochfale Tunnel and evolving it into Gligar at level 22. After that, just equip the Razor Fang and level it up at night as normal!

July 18, 2014

I (Twitch) made a hexafusion of the starter evolutions, just for fun. The center one turned out really well, IMO.

July 16, 2014

Pokemon Uranium on Twitch

JV is live streaming as he works on the game!

July 13, 2014
Is the VS Seeker in the game or will it be in it?

I don’t think so… there are enough trainers in the game that it’s not hard to keep with the level curve, even if you don’t take extra time to grind.

The phone on the PokePod will allow you to call up trainers when you want to rematch, although it doesn’t work quite yet.

July 11, 2014
will you still use this site?

Yes, we will continue to answer questions & post content on this blog as well.

This is it! New Gameplay Trailer!

New Website!!!


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July 10, 2014
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