Pokémon Uranium
A Pokemon fangame made in RMXP by ~JV~ (scripting, maps, music) and Twitch (sprites, dialogues, fakemon).
Set in the Tandor region, the heroes Vitor and Natalie must collect 8 gym badges to compete in the Regional Tournament. But danger lurks on the horizon, with a man-made disaster and sinister, corrupted Pokemon threatening to destroy the natural ecosystem. How will you fight to save the region?
Current demo: v3.1.1
Download below!


Latest Beta: 3.1.1 (5/26/13)


Windows: [Drive] [Mega]
Mac: [Coming soon!]

Beta is approx. 11 hours long and contains 9 towns, 5 badges, 6 sidequests and over 85 fakemon.

Please check the Readme in the download folder if you have issues installing/running the game.

OLDER DEMOS: May contain bugs, outdated graphics, music and dialogue. Play at your own risk.

3.0 (1/19/13)

Download: DriveTorrent / MegaRapidshare

Demo is about 10 hours long and contains 9 towns, 5 badges, 4 sidequests, and over 80 Fakemon.

2.1 (2/19/11)

Mediafire: [HQS] / [Regular]

Demo is around 4 hours long and includes 3 badges, 6 towns, 2 (optional) sidequests, and ~50 Pokemon. HQS has higher-quality MP3 music but is a larger filesize. Regular is smaller with MIDI format music.

2.0 (12/31/10)


Contains approximately the same content as 2.1, but with more bugs.

1.0 (5/10/09)


Fun if you’re a masochist. 2 hours long, containing 2 gyms, 4 towns and about 30 fakemon. Buggy, with grammatical errors and R/S/E-style graphics.