Pokémon Uranium
A Pokemon fangame made in RMXP by ~JV~ (scripting, maps, music) and Twitch (sprites, dialogues, fakemon).
Set in the Tandor region, the heroes Vitor and Natalie must collect 8 gym badges to compete in the Regional Tournament. But danger lurks on the horizon, with a man-made disaster and sinister, corrupted Pokemon threatening to destroy the natural ecosystem. How will you fight to save the region?
Current demo: v3.1.1
Download below!


Do I need any special program to run this file?

Nope! Uranium is not a rom hack but an original RPGmaker game, so you just need to launch the .exe from the download folder. However, you will need Winrar or 7zip in order to extract the .rar; those are free and are just a google away.

Does it work on Mac?

It’s an .exe, so it’s not designed to run on macs, but you could try using an external program loader such as Wine or a windows emulator such as Boot Camp. The final game will have a mac-specific version too.

My antivirus told me it was a trojan!

It’s not a trojan. The software just comes from an unknown source/company (us) so it sets off the alarm, but it’s all totally benign. Some antivirus software will automatically quarantine the game, if this happens you will need to designate the folder as an exception to the antivirus.

It’s telling me one or more fonts are missing and gets caught in an endless loop!

Try restarting the game; it should automatically install the Pokemon fonts. If not, you can manually install them yourself by selecting the font files in the folder and copying them to your font folder (found in control panel -> appearance -> install or remove a font). If you still get an error after that, restart your computer and it will work.

What are the controls?

Arrow keys to move, C to confirm/interact, X to exit, cancel a choice, and open the menu, f5 to use a registered item, Z to run. (you can see all of this in-game by choosing “controls” in the intro lecture.) Additionally, pressing F1 at any time will opens a menu that lets you mute the BGM and customize the controls to fit your liking.

Do I have to start my adventure over when I download the new version?

No, the new version of the game will automatically load your old save file (found in C:/User/Saved Games/Uranium.rxdata). If it doesn’t detect your old save or if it crashes the game, you can send the file to us at pokemon.uranium@gmail.com and we’ll manually upgrade it for you.

Clicking on Uranium.exe doesn’t do anything! [on Windows 7/8]

Right-click the .exe, go to Properties > Compatibility, and choose “Run in Compatibility Mode”. This will also help with the fonts bug. If that doesn’t work, choose “Run as Administrator.” If that doesn’t work, let us know via e-mail or ask box.

I encountered a bug and now I’m trapped!

Pokemon Uranium is still in beta, so some bugs are to be expected. Make sure to save early and save often. First, make sure that you are playing the latest version (v.3.1.1). Older versions of the game have bugs that are unsupported. Email us your game.rxdata file and we’ll unstick you. (on Windows it is located under C/User/My Saved Games/game.rxdata).

v.3.1 Known Bugs

  • Losing to a special trainer such as Gym leaders and Theo will cause the eyecatch to continue to play on every battle. Simply defeat them to turn it off.
  • The first release of 3.1 has a serious bug where Pokemon won’t gain exp. We uploaded a fixed version shortly after, but if you are having that bug, you will need to re-download.
  • The first trainer in Passage Cave II crashes the game program. If he is avoided, then the quest can still be completed.
  • Occasionally, getting a phone call while indoors will cause the game to freeze. Reload your last save if this happens. We are working on a fix for the final release.

- If you have a bug to report, we’d much prefer you submit them to our Deviantart or send us an email at pokemon.uranium@gmail.com, tumblr’s message system isn’t very good -