Pokémon Uranium
A Pokemon fangame made in RMXP by ~JV~ (scripting, maps, music) and Twitch (sprites, dialogues, fakemon).
Set in the Tandor region, the heroes Vitor and Natalie must collect 8 gym badges to compete in the Regional Tournament. But danger lurks on the horizon, with a man-made disaster and sinister, corrupted Pokemon threatening to destroy the natural ecosystem. How will you fight to save the region?
Current demo: v3.1.1
Download below!

Pokemon Uranium Beta 3.1 is out!

Download (Windows only, Mac version coming soon): [Mega][Drive]

Pokemon Uranium is fangame made in RPGmaker. Set in the tropical region of Tandor, Uranium features over 80 fakemon, new characters, and an all-original plot! This beta represents about 75% of the full game.

New in v3.1:

  • 4 new Fakemon
  • Sidequests in Rochfale and Kevlar
  • Rival battle
  • VS Sprites!
  • Rebalancing
  • COUNTLESS bugfixes

If you have problems getting the game to run, please check the Readme included in the download.

Thanks, and enjoy!

-Twitch and JV

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